What difference have I made to people who have worked with me?

“extremely good listener… allows (you) to hear your own voice and identify solutions”

Coaching and Mentoring clients have told me that I have helped them in the following ways:

HG, a service manager facing redeployment, said:
“The career coaching enabled me to focus on what is important. Catherine focussed my mind on my positive attributes and helped me counter my negative thinking, reduced my stress levels and helped me to move forward.”

VJ, a graduate trainee, said:
“Mentoring with Catherine built my confidence, enabled me to understand my self-imposed obstacles, open emotionally and address personal traits and unexplored avenues in order to achieve my aims and objectives. She stretched to the maximum my capability to work on my development and understand my problems. It was the missing link in my development.”

FW, a senior professional feeling stuck because of her hearing loss said:
“Having a coach with hearing loss was particularly helpful because Catherine knows that it affects you in all sorts or ways beyond just not being able to hear properly and she understands the practical issues – like how hard it is to take notes while listening. It was a day when I was struggling anyway with my hearing and just the fact that you were patient and happy to repeat things was good. It’s definitely been a much better, more purposeful week at work.”

NF, a career coaching client, considering setting up her own business, said:
“I have been attending meetings with advisors and other professionals over the last few months. I really enjoyed the perfectly planned session and what came out of it. I have certainly achieved more in those two hours than in the past months put together.”

JO, a service manager who needed help managing stress at work said:
“I really enjoyed the sessions, felt comfortable and supported. Having been on the programme I now try to listen more and understand where people are coming from, I ask important questions and reflect more on issues before responding.”
JO’s line manager also commented on the improved situation in the service:
“She would not be where she is today without the coaching, I feel that it has benefited her greatly and that coaching is an excellent method to support staff to achieve their goals. As a manager I am sure I will be using coaching more often from now on.”

CK a manager facing redundancy said:
“I was very satisfied, I really thought that I would be presented with familiar tools, but the career coaching was much beyond this, very explorative and motivating… it was tailor made for me and not generalised in any way which would have put me off. It helped me take a realistic look at my ideas and how feasible they are and the real steps I need to take. Many thanks for making such an effort in supporting me… it’s not an easy thing being made redundant in the current climate.”

Consultancy clients have commented on my work as follows:

“Your ability to think through complex issues and present them simply is a great skill”

“You are always calm and professional, and willing to say the unsayable when required.”

“I admire your resilience in carrying things through when facing unexpected challenges or difficulties”

“You listen and understand people well and make timely interventions; you are also greatly admired for the tact you use when working with people.”

“You can persuade people to change working practices without making them feel bad about it.”

“Your communication skills are excellent: you speak and write clearly and concisely and always with your audience in mind.”

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