About me and how I work

Your success and your view of the world are important to me. Working together will be a positive learning experience for both of us.

What can you expect from me?

I hope that we will have a chance to meet and that you can form your own impression of me. My personality profile suggests that

  • I am tolerant, accepting of others, practical, realistic, dependable and I take responsibility
  • I demonstrate high ideals and principles, strong commitment with a desire to help out
  • I listen and always try to understand, I like to think before acting, make up my own mind as to what should be accomplished and work towards it steadily; I have a quiet but efficient manner and monitor work carefully and thoroughly
  • I like concepts and models, to see the overall picture, structure and clear objectives.

Are you looking for someone whose values you can relate to?

My Values are:

Integrity: I make sure that I follow through on any commitment I give and help you to make realistic promises that you will keep. I also show respect for you, my client, your views and values, respecting boundaries and confidentiality and providing honest feedback. I am a member of EMCC and subscribe to the EMCC Code of Ethics.

Striving for excellence: The pursuit of improvement is central to any consultancy assignment or coaching/mentoring dialogue I am involved in. I seek to challenge and stretch my clients and help you understand the difference between “good enough” and excellent and when/how to apply this to your goals and aspirations. By seeking feedback and undertaking development I am also working towards excellence in my own coaching/mentoring and consultancy practice.

Diversity and inclusion: By encouraging people to develop their own approaches and solutions to situations, my work seeks to encourage diversity and help individuals feel valued for who they are and what they can contribute, not to seek rewards for mere compliance or standard responses. An important part of any coaching/mentoring or consultancy work involves me challenging assumptions or stereotypes which can limit understanding.

Working together: Coaching/mentoring conversations are a source of insight and understanding into the realities of people working in different jobs, organisations or professions and managing different life pressures and challenges. I believe that our individual success is connected to how well we support and are supported by others.

Public service ethos: Working in the public sector, I look for ways to make sure that the needs of residents and users of public services are a central focus for what we are trying to achieve – alongside the needs and aspirations of you, the individual client.

Helping myself and helping others

By trying to understand myself, I can help clients be aware of their own personality and identity and the impact this has on others, how to build effective relationships and find authenticity.

I use the practice of mindfulness, developing awareness, acceptance and attention, to sustain my coaching and consultancy work and help my clients.

I see life and progress as a series of endings and beginnings. All change involves an element of loss, a process of transition and adjustment to the new. I want to increase my own and other people’s capacity to use the experiences gained through loss, adversity and struggle to make sense of our lives and move forward.

If you want to know more about my past work experience, you can see a copy of my CV on my Linked-in Profile

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